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Cost of a Thanksgiving Meal for 10 People over the Years

Happy Thanksgiving!

I created a Viz yesterday on the cost of a Thanksgiving dinner yesterday for 10 people. I also priced it in silver. The silver price is based on the avg. price for an ounce of silver for that year. This is why there isn't that many plot points and makes it a bit more choppy. I was to lazy to put in all the month to month prices of silver.

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Why The Youth Will Revolt

Government owns 85% of all student debt. Students can not legally bankrupt on that loan. Affordable health care act makes it cheaper (subsidized) for older folks to get insurance at the expense and increased costs put on the youth (Younger folks insurance costs are projected to be much higher under this act). 2 wars going over a decade, on top of trillion dollar bailouts for the banking system will also be paid for by the youth via inflation (the worst kind of tax). Savings have been discouraged by artificially suppressing the 10-year yield (a bank CD will pay less than 1%).

Sell your gold, it's clear blue sky's ahead!

Congratulations everyone! It looks like we are finally in the clear. It only took about $8 trillion in borrowing and QE since the end of 2007, but it looks like we are in the clear now as we can now let the economy do it's thing all by itself.

The Only Thing Bernanke Will Be Trimming is His Beard

What's with all this QE trimming?

I think of it this way. The governments "official" rate of inflation is just under 2% they pat themselves on the back. They want stocks to go up. They shoot up. A lot. The stock market isn't apart of the inflation rate, but they now worry it's gone to far to fast due to their policies.

They want a correction and not a wipe out. Better to correct now. They know the market is so ridiculous that it will sell off from the words of just one man.

Government Pretending To Scratch Their Heads At Apples Tax Avoidance

I'm listening to NPR this morning on the way to work and they are talking about how Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has avoided paying taxes on it's over seas income.

While Apple's estimated tax payment for 2012 is $6 billion, the Senate investigators estimate that Apple avoided paying another $9 billion in taxes last year.

Well, I am just shocked! The corporate tax rate in America is 40%. Did you know that? The federal corporate tax rate is 35% and when you add in state and local corporate taxes it works out to an average of 40%! (Source http://www.kpmg.com/global/en/services/tax/tax-tools-and-resources/pages... KPMG International)

This is the incentive for large cap corporations to lobby. Lower the corp tax rate and you will have less lobbying. Most people miss this connection I've found. I think having the corporate tax rate at 20% would make a big difference and even end up collecting more revenue for the government. But collecting more revenue is not with this is about despite what politicians may tell you.

Stocks Keep Going Higher, Metals Keep Going Lower - Get Cash!

I'll try and keep this short and sweet. Stocks seem to be getting into a higher risk area and look over bought, while the metals and the miners are looking over sold. I'm not calling a top in stocks and I'm not calling a bottom in the gold, silver and the miners.

What I plan on doing is saving some money in cash. I don't know when stocks will turn over, and I don't know when miners will reach a bottom. I want to wait for the market to make that decision for me.

Silver is down 6% as I type, and Pan American Silver Corp NASDAQ:PAAS has a price to book ratio of .66. That is cheap!

IRS: The Gang With No Tattoos

Saw this headline in the Seattle Times this morning, "Report: IRS targeting went beyond ‘Tea Party’.

It's Time to Give Jones Soda Another Try.

Jones Soda (JSDA), "Independent Since '96'. Most everyone remembers Jones soda and their surge in popularity in the early 2,000's. Then they crashed, ran in to large operating costs and were unable to grow.

I remember there were a lot of stories back then, and now you just don't hear to much about them anymore.

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Boomer Suicide Soars and the Real Deal with Unemployment

Not to get you all depressed the weekend, but you should be aware of a couple of items that should concern you.

People are giving up looking for work and do not show up in the official unemployment rate. There has been a lot of cheer over the recent unemployment rate dropping and on the surface it looks great, but the reality is much different.

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